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Availability:   Out of stock
CHOKING HAZARD -- Toy contains a marble. Not for children under 3 yrs.
CHOKING HAZARD -- Toy contains a small ball. Not for children under 3 yrs.
CHOKING HAZARD -- This toy is a marble. Not for children under 3 yrs.
CHOKING HAZARD -- This toy is a small ball. Not for children under 3 yrs.
CHOKING HAZARD -- Small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.

Out of stock

Product Details
Package Length:4.6 inches
Package Width:2.6 inches
Package Height:0.2 inches
Package Weight:0.05 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 105 reviews

Customer Reviews
Average Customer Review:3.5 ( 105 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

88 of 88 found the following review helpful:

5Works for me! See below How and Why  Aug 02, 2008 By Theresa Griffiths
I use to order these Cool Downz from QVC and they no longer carry them so now find them else where. Anyway, Here is what you need to do to make them work! Put it in a large pan and cover with cold water at least 2 inches above it. Wait at least an hour or so because it swells up better.
Then put it in your freezer! From using these for a couple of years I've learned this and it does work. I keep two in my freezer at all times.
I have hot flashes etc. and sometimes I need something fast and cold! When I take out one I either lay it around my lower neck area or around the top of my head on my hair. As it starts to unfreeze I can then tie it closer and closer on my neck area or where ever. By doing this it does last for hours and when it's not cold or cool enough I just go and put it back in water to soak and get out the other one if needed. DO NOT let them dry out!!! When you open it you can feel the little things inside the material that helps make the water swell up so you want to feel it and make sure they are not clumped on one area and if they are just spead them out moving them within the material. You can reuse these also and some seem to last longer than others, but I use them over and over till I know it's just the end of it. If you get hot flashes this works well for me. As you keep reusing them you will notice a tid bit of drip not much at all,but wouldn't use them if I was working with electrical to be safe! Keep in mind when you freeze it lay it in the shape like a U wide enough so when you take it out it will fit your neck. The instructions for Cool Downz does not say to use it in the freezer and it doesn't tell you to soak it as long as I said, but if you do buy them you will see the difference in what I'm telling you. I have even gone places and took them in a small cooler with lots of ice so that I know when I need a cool down I'm not out somewhere without it and I put it in the cooler straight from my freezer to keep it cold and I put the ice on top of them. So far this is the best thing I have found. I have used a cold gel pack you can freeze from the drug store and it doesn't last long at all. If something out there is better...Someone please let me know. :)

2 of 2 found the following review helpful:

5Practical, Attractive Headband Stays Hydrated for Days  Jul 10, 2014 By Lynne E. "Lynne E."
This HOT HEADZ COOL DOWNZ COOLING WRAP works pretty much as advertised. You soak the band in water for 10-15 minutes to saturate the water-retention crystals in the center portion, tie the band around your head or neck, and experience a long-lasting cooling effect. When hydrated, the crystals expand to form a thick "rope". There are no crystals at the ends of the band, because the plain ends are used to tie the band securely.

The cooling effect comes from the slow evaporation of water held in the band--just like when you soak a washcloth in water and lay it across your eyes to soothe a headache or to cool off at night in hot weather. The cooling effect is greatest immediately after the band has been soaked. After a while, the part of the band that contacts your skin warms up to your body temperature, and the band feels less cool. But you can reactivate or boost the cooling effect simply by flipping the band over (just like that washrag). Alternatively, you can re-soak the band, or you can put it in the refrigerator for a little while to get that boost. (The label states that the band should not be put in the freezer.)

Once hydrated, the band does continue cooling "for days", as advertised. The day after I hydrated mine (taking all of 10 minutes), the band was still cooling effectively (despite being hung up on a coat hanger overnight for maximum drip-drying). A big advantage of using one of these bands instead of a wet washrag is that it ties in place, and will stay in place when you're walking around or working.

There are a few label warnings worth mentioning:

*Avoid contact with salt water, gasoline or other chemicals as they may damage cooling crystals and cause skin irritation.
*Do not ingest contents of Cool Downz.
*Not for use by children under 8 years of age.
*Never leave a child or pet unaccompanied while wearing Cool Downz.
*Do not use Cool Downz on or around mouth area.

These bands seem reasonably priced (about $7 on Amazon), and I think they're both practical and attractive. Mine has a red, white, and blue flag design that I like a lot.

25 of 35 found the following review helpful:

1WARNING DO NOT PURCHASE  Jun 25, 2009 By Susan M. Justice "Devon Farm"
The seller of this product 'lies'
1. they state - multiple patterns I ordered THREE and everyone was WHITE
2. they stated TWO per order I GOT ONE
4. I spent over 40.00 to get THREE of these
5. I have now learned they run 4 for 10 everywhere else OR ONE FOR 3.00
6. The going price is 3.00 for ONE or 4 for 10 - THE SAME brand is 3.98 for ONE why would I pay 9.38 for ONE????? PLUS SHIPPING???? My total for THREE of these was in excess of FOURTY dollars - then I tried to call them about this and I have to pay to send them back and LOSE the 12.00 they charged me to ship this little item that weighed LESS THAN A LETTER.

Consider yourself forewarned - by the way these cooler items do work very well I bought 4 for 10 from Amazon and they are WONDERFUL just this buying experience was horrid and over priced.

Search for Neck Cooler to find a NON rip off solution.Cool Downz Cool Down All DayCool Downz Cool Down All Day

5 of 6 found the following review helpful:

4Keep cool for hours  Apr 07, 2010 By Amazon Customer
I have used these to help me in very hot climates. They work quite well. The only problem is that you need to have a way to pack them when they are not yet dried out. I use a zipper plastic bag. You also need to rinse them out occasionally and let them dry completely or they will begin to smell bad.

2 of 2 found the following review helpful:

3This is Handy for Hot Days  Jul 02, 2014 By Busy Mom
This is a lot thinner than what I am used to. My entire family likes using the bandanna sized cool down when we're hiking or outside on a hot day, working in the yard. This is a tiny little ribbon that I have taken to wear as a headband to cool me down. It doesn't have the marbles at both ends of the scarf so you can tie it easily.

I did soak it for fifteen minutes and wrap it around my hair to keep my head cool, and it did last for awhile.

The only thing I am not crazy about is the flag theme on my scarf as I prefer solid colors, but since it is a Vine item, I will not complain too much about it. My kids love it though and will use it often.

It works and it does help cool one down in the midst of summer heat.


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